Loose flowers

Did this 8×10 in half hour!   Yay!  I am getting closer to what I want!B304259B-B098-4DAF-AA70-6EA12A814DEC

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Sticking with a theme

I took many photos of my still life set up with the purple and yellow flowers so I will paint a few of those until I am sick of them, maybe trying different colors or different backgrounds.  Here is yesterday’s floral, 5×7.  Also painted a doggie aceo recently, really small, 2.5” x3.5”.

On eBay, or will be soon….and my practice watercolor ACEOs are on there too, but I am not particularly thrilled with my skill there so I quit talking about them!




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Finished! ( I think)

I finished the 2 florals (last 2 photos) and reworked another one.  It has been reworked a lot, so maybe this is the last time.  It is kind of a mucky mess, but pretty colors:).   I am inspired by Jose Trujillo, a YouTube artist and eBay seller, who does lots of mucky messes and seems to have so much fun doing them!    If you want to be inspired to loosen up, watch his videos.  He is loaded with great advice and has a great personality.  These need a while to dry before I list them on eBay.15048A20-2830-4AEC-AC12-056986EC8197885CDB2F-A90D-406A-AAF6-BE8EAEA5503E4B23EC59-68D5-4125-A908-D0E79B556531

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Flowers in still life

I am working on 2 small paintings of flowers. So much easier than animals!  I am trying to come up with a “style”.  I kind of like the outliney stuff.  Not done yet on either….I wiped out the big green leaf after I took the 2nd photo, think I’ll add 2 more yellow flowers in there.

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3 oil aceos

I am really pleased with these 3 little oil ACEOs.   Haven’t been happy with much of my art lately, so it’s nice to get ones that I love. These are numbers 7, 8 and 9 of 2019.  Keeping track this year of how many oil and watercolor ACEOs I create, and also how many larger paintings.   Probably won’t be many larger paintings because I don’t want to store them.


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Lots of painting going on here, but not a lot of finishing!

I did finish 2 new ACEOS…a watercolor cat and an oil dog.  On eBay, along with a bunch of others…



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Update:  Decided I can’t let it go for so cheap, at least not yet.  Maybe next year:)

Very happy with this one!  5” by 7”, starting price on eBay of only $10!  I am embracing the philosophy lately of paint fast and loose, and get them adopted quickly.


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Class with Christine

I found another great art teacher, Christine Debrosky.   She teaches at her home studio weekly in nearby Clarkdale.  Her style and class structure are similar to Ned’s in Seattle.  I am so excited…she is very good and I think I can learn a lot from her.  (Gretchen was great too but not very available)    Here is a painting I started in Christines class last week, and I worked on it more this morning.   It has some of her brush strokes on it, those gorgeous ones in the trees on the right.  My cows butt is too big and the cow shadow needs fixing.  I can fix the cow butt but not sure what to do to the shadow, or how to add color variety to the foregroundAA17FFA2-54EA-46A1-AF1C-C36FB898DD5E

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Oil paintings # 5 and #6 of 2019

Finished these 5” by 7” paintings recently.  I love them both! Carol Marine just posted an observation I have noticed for a long time….the easier it goes in creating a painting, the better it looks.  The ones that don’t go smoothly never seem to turn out as well.   I haven’t figured out yet why one goes smoothly and another doesn’t.   These two were fairly quick and easy, and I like them a lot!  For sale on eBay for $50 each plus shipping.


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Yellow lab series

I started a series of yellow lab paintings, based on a client’s photos.  I am experimenting with style and may not get one she likes, but we will see.   So far my experimenting is pretty much just like my normal painting!   I’m not stretching myself very far at this point:).  These are all underpaintings.   Still haven’t figured out how to do a good painting in one session.


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Quit, stop, be done!

I have reworked 2 of these several times.  Enough already!  Be done and move on!

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Watercolor class etc

I’ve been painting, but it’s slow going with the oils.  I am doing layers and reworking.  It takes a long time. Below are the reworks of my first two oil paintings, plus oil aceos, a schnauzer and a rose, that I recently finished.  More in work that I will show later.

I go to Cathy’s watercolor class in Sedona each week.  She has been teaching landscape stuff, Sedona red rocks and Grand Canyon, but I am not a landscape person so I work on my animals.  It’s a fun class and I have met some great people.  Finished a cat yesterday. And a horrible aceo that I won’t even show you!  Watercolor is very hard for me.

some for sale on eBay…


ok, so now I see that I don’t like the shadow on the sunflowers….will have to get rid of that…..

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First finished paintings of 2019

I haven’t been painting as much lately, got busy with other stuff.  But I did finish these 2.  I discovered that painting the backs of canvas panels can prevent warping, so I painted the backs with white latex house paint.   I tested it on some old canvas panels that had bowed slightly and it works great!

As usual, they can be found for sale on eBay for about $34 each.



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Another still life in work

I am thrilled that this came out as good as it did, because I usually agonize over drawing issues when it comes to cups.  But this went quickly with no big struggles.  Which is big progress for me!  Not done yet but close.


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Happy New Year

Starting the new year with more playing with flowers.  I am experimenting with more wet on wet techniques and making delightful 5” by 7” messes:).   The thick knife techniques sure gobble up a lot of paint…most of it getting wiped off or cleaned off the knife or brush.   Not done with these yet.  Part of my problem is that my reference photos aren’t good, and I am making up stuff.  Dangerous!  I am using Colley Whisson’s bright mintish green…I love that color.  How come my paintings don’t look as good as his…ha ha ha….

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Just mailed this painting of Joey the Pom, 5” by 7”, to his mom.  This is my first commission in almost 5 years.   I painted this as an ACEO before I did the larger version, to see if I could still get a colorful dog that I liked.  Pretty happy with it!678AA6DA-156D-4137-801D-A04AAFAF0915

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Colley Whisson – my new hero

I have discovered my new favorite artist, Australian Colley Whisson.   His use of a brush is amazing, and I love how he interprets color.  He can take an ugly reference photo and transform it into beautiful color. I kind of did this last week with one of my ACEOs…here is my somewhat dull still life setup and my more colorful painting:

He completely covers his canvas with patches of darker color when starting a painting, which is my naturural tendency.  I resist leaving patches of transparency, like Nina does, and her paintings are beautiful, but I could never do it and get it looking how I wanted.  My problem with starting by covering the canvas with patches of color is now it’s wet, and painting over it, wet on wet, becomes a mess.  So Colley uses a fast drying medium to apply that first layer.  I will try that.  Maybe I can continue the painting in an hour or two instead of waiting 3 days for that underlayer to dry.

Here is a link to one of his many YouTube videos….


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Starting a still life

Here is my reference photo and the underpainting I started last night.   I don’t know where this is going, but I don’t like the shadow color or the vase color.  I am sticking roses in the middle, and not sure what color to make them.


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Knife painting on sunflowers

I had this painting mostly finished and decided to go over the flowers with a knife.  Definitely loosens things up!  I see some spots that could be improved…maybe.  Sometimes those improvements end up making things worse, and especially when there is this much paint already on the canvas.  I could end up with a mess, so I will just leave it.  It was fun and fast and I love the colors.  5”x7”



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Another rose ACEO

Another little painting of a rose….



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Latest cat painting

I like this one a lot!  I left the whiskers off because I don’t want to detract from the face.  Reference photo by Susanne Nilsson.

$59 on eBay



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Another ACEO still life

I definitely need to start numbering these before I lose track of what’s what.   Did this little one a few days ago.  I think it is my best still life yet!  On eBay starting at $5…



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Sunflower ACEO

Merry Christmas!  I didn’t paint today but I thought about it a lot:).  Here is a little still life ACEO I painted a few days ago.



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Sharpei ACEO rework

Thanks Lorraine for your comments about the Sharpei.  Better now?   I like it a lot better.          2.5” by 3.5” on 256 lb Strathmore acrylic pad paper primed with acrylic paint then painted in oil.   on eBay starting at $10


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Updated still life from class

Better but not a favorite.  I am studying Carol Marine’s book about small paintings.  It’s great!  I am going to start using her idea of scratching your initials into the painting, rather than painting my name on it.  I prefer a subtle signature, not a large one that intereferes with my small paintings.  She and Gretchen both use flat synthetic bristle brushes, not hog bristle filberts, which is what I am used to.  Maybe that’s why I can’t get the brushstrokes I want. 9676130E-9461-4E33-8277-79699DF04C28

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Class with Gretchen Lopez

I am thrilled to have found a great oil painting teacher today!  Gretchen Lopez teaches a 6 hour class every other week at the Sedona Art Center,  so I tried it for the first time today to see if she teaches the style I want to learn, and it was fabulous.  I love her style, and I think she can help me a lot with finishing a painting in one sitting.  My result today wasn’t great, but I learned some reasons why, and will be working to improve:)  (can you guess which painting is mine?   yeah,  the overworked one with drawing issues, ha ha)


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3 floral ACEOs

I painted 2 new little ACEOs last night, and updated the shadow on the one with the peach background.  These are so fun to make!


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Today’s floral painting

Finally finished a small painting in one sitting! Yay! 5” by 7”   677BE035-B243-4A40-ABAE-AD7A6D0D3ABF

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More playing with florals

The one with orange background is an ACEO, the other is 5” by 7”.  Just playing with color and style….

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A 5” by 7” floral experiment

I set up a quick ugly still life, and painted it in a non-realistic way.  I am not sure what I think. But I love being able to finish it quickly and not sweat the drawing accuracy details.


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