I painted my friend’s kitty Chianna in the past few weeks. This one went well, not too much rework and I got the whiskers in without making a mess of everything.


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Dog 100 – Cayman

In my last post, I revealed that I accidentally used an “all rights reserved” photo as reference for my 100th dog painting. Oops! I emailed the photographer, Rob W., and not only did he very kindly allow me to use his photo, he bought the painting! I am especially happy about that, since it was my 100th, and it’s in my top 5 favorites. So glad I don’t have to destroy it, and that it is going to a good home.


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Stella and Huey – ACEOs

I was ready to post dog 100, yahoo! when I discovered that the reference photo was “all rights reserved” rather than “creative commons attribution”, which means I can’t use the photo in any way without permission from the photographer. I try to be so careful to only use appropriate reference material. Dang! I emailed the photographer to see if he will allow me to sell the painting, or if I will need to destroy it.

Here are a few more ACEOs I painted of Ann G.’s bulldogs, Stella and Huey. Thanks to Ann for purchasing these little paintings. I think they turned out pretty cute.ACEO 5-8Peeping Huey

ACEO 5-8Stella in Profile

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Dogs 97 and 98 – Chloe and Chloe Lounging

I decided to post dogs 97 and 98 today, painted a few months ago. This is adorable bulldog Chloe, standing and lounging. They were difficult compositions for me to do. The photos were so cute, and I feel I didn’t do them justice. Always more to learn, isn’t there? Thanks to Ann G for the photos!

Chloe Lounging


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Drawing, Watercolor, Still Life, Plein Air, Dogs, Cats, ACEOs, etc etc etc

Can you tell I am overwhelmed? I am once again trying to go too many directions at once.

Drawing/Watercolor – I am doing blind contour drawing in the mornings with my coffee, before I am totally revved, which is fun because I don’t worry about the result. Sometimes you accidentally get something that looks cool, so I am doing them on watercolor paper, so I can watercolor it if I like the drawing.

Plein Air – I so badly want to go paint outside with my friends so I am going to persevere and do it even though I am so bad at it. Did one today. Not good. Plan to make myself do at least 20 more in the near future. I need lots of practice! Meeting friends tomorrow at Kubota Garden to paint…hanging out with my artists friends is the fun part:)

Dogs and Cats – I still have dogs and cats in work. I am behind in posting the last 4 that I finished.

Still Life – I’ve set up some props on my kitchen table to attempt still life from life. I wanted to do 5x7s several times a week. Been so busy, haven’t even gotten to the first one yet!

ACEOS- I have numerous ones in work, but the next few will be flowers. I still absolutely love doing these!! I posted one today on dailypaintworks, and it is for sale on ebay, starting at $5.99. Picture is a little fuzzy, I will redo the photo soon….


Reference photo courtesy of Juan Tello.

Aceo 4-29orangelilies

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ACEO Cool Kitty

I am already stuck with regards to my plan for drawing lessons. I so dislike drawing just for drawing’s sake. Mostly because I love color and am not that fond of anything in black and white. I feel the need to have an end in mind that I have a chance of liking. Last night, I set up a still life area in the livingroom with white stuff, hated it, didn’t draw, painted instead from a photo. Almost finished a nice pink lily that you will see on another day. So much faster and more rewarding! This morning, try again. So I set up a shadow box in the dining room this time. Liking the lighting and surfaces there much better. Still can’t bring myself to start drawing white stuff. So I got out the colorful cups, bowls and vases, and was excited to start painting! Love that color! No Pam, STOP! You are supposed to be drawing! Ok, maybe I will do a rough drawing first, THEN paint it. I’ll save the white stuff for lessons at Nina’s. She will make me stick to it:)

I painted this cat as an ACEO a few weeks ago. I like this one a lot…it would make a nice bigger painting, which I may do someday, but for now, this little guy is for sale on ebay, starting at $14.99, currently with one bid.


Aceo 4-23CoolKittyCW

Ref. photo courtesy of Karol Miles.

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ACEOs of Lilies

I’m in a sort of art funk. I don’t want to do bigger, nicer paintings because I don’t have the energy to do the marketing. Plus I spend way too much time on them in order to get them to where I like them. And when I like them, I have trouble letting them go when I have put so much effort into them! So I think I’ve said it before, the ACEOs are working out great for me. I don’t spend forever on them. Of course I could tweak them repeatedly, but I just choose not to. I can let them go. I view them as practice. THAT is what the 5x7s were supposed to be! But it didn’t work out like that for me. My current plan is to put only a few ACEOs on ebay each week, and spend time on improving my drawing skills.
I am working with my friend Nina to come up with “drawing class lesson plans with homework”. She is an expert, but doesn’t do much teaching, so we are having to come up with how to teach me. We will start with the classic white egg and white cloth. I know about that, and the 5 values of a sphere with a single light source, etc. But I get lost when trying to translate that into how to make a dogs nose look rounded (remember the flat pig nose on the black lab?). Or how to show the complex curves of his face. Nina said today, “well just look at it, and you will see the values”. NOT! I realize a lot of my problem in doing dogs is that I work from photos, and those value variations are often simply not there. I plan to do a lot more still life and maybe some landscapes, all working from life, where I can actually distinguish the different values.

ACEO Lilies are for sale on ebay for cheap:)
aceo yellowlillycomp

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Rocky II

I reworked Rocky to get some features better, so now he is called Rocky II. I put him up for sale again on ebay for $59, with 25% going to the ASPCA. I saw a TV show about the ASPCA once, and they did some really good things. The watermark is not on the real painting. Reference photo courtesy of Tony Alter.

It’s raining so no gardening today. Good day to paint!


Rocky IIcompW

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ACEO Betsy

This ACEO went well, until I tried to add whiskers. Could not get those dang things to look right, so I gave up. I still think she’s cute. I named her Betsy.
For sale on ebay, starting at $14.99


Thanks to Karol Miles for allowing me to user her photo as reference!
aceo 4-12betsyWcomp

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Dog 99 – Stella ACEO

I haven’t shown you dogs 97 and 98, because they did not turn out well. I will keep those babies to myself!! But I like number 99. This is Stella, a white French Bulldog, painted from a photo sent to me by Ann Geis, owner of 6 bulldogs (1 English, 5 French). This painting is another ACEO, just 2.5″ by 3.5″ painted in oils on 246 lb. art paper, sealed first with acrylic paint.

I have started adding watermarks to my paintings, so my name and symbol in the lower right corner in the photo is not on the actual painting.


aceo 3-31stellaWCom

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ACEO Misty

Gardening season is here, so my painting frenzy of the past few months is slowing down.
Still have lots on my painting agenda, but it will take me a while to get to it all.


aceo 3-30mistyCW

Thanks to Fidber for use of the reference photo.

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Sun Cat

I liked the photo of this cat by Francis Bijl, so I painted it in very warm sunny colors. Ok, I hate to be so brazen, but I absolutely love this painting! I call this “Sun Cat” and I am really not eager to sell him yet, but since I will be posting him on dailypaintworks, I suppose I should put a price on him. It will be high, so don’t be shocked! If you think I’m crazy, just tell yourself, oh heck, she just doesn’t want to sell it:)

Thanks much to Francis for allowing use of the photo!


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Learning from ACEOs

I have been busy busy busy with painting, but also with spring chores, so I haven’t posted here for a while. I have been painting the very small ACEOs and some new 5x7s. And for some reason, in the ACEOs, I am getting that impressionist look that I wanted so badly with the larger paintings and could rarely get. I think I need to use a much larger brush with my 5x7s, stand back a few feet and not worry so much about exactness. That would be comparable to how I do the ACEOs and I am really liking the result.
Today I am showing you an ACEO I did a while back but didn’t like the whiskers so I have fixed them now, and he is ready for ebay. I call this kitty Ying. I had a cat when I was a kid I named YingYang and this cat’s eyes reminded me of him.


compaceo 3-26ying

Reference photo courtesy of F. Guimaraes.

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Dog 96 – Toby

Gloomy rainy day in Seattle. Great day to paint!

I painted this chocolate lab over the past few weeks. I named him Toby. He is for sale on dailypaintworks for $49 plus shipping. Click the link below to see the painting for sale…

Reference photo courtesy of Daryn Nakhuda.

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ACEOs – “Chloe” and “Looking Out”

Received many wonderful photos from friends yesterday, so I have so much fun ahead! I especially loved the bulldog photos sent to me by Ann. I think I have to paint every one before I move on to larger cat paintings. So yesterday, I painted Chloe as an ACEO, and made good progress on her as a 5×7. I painted the kitty this evening, reference photo courtesy of Asinensis. Lots of painting going on in this house!

Both are SOLD.

aceo 3-5-14chloe

aceo 3-6-14lookingout

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ACEO fun

The ACEO idea is working out great. They are fast and fun, and they sell. For cheap, but they still sell and the best part is connecting with others. Looks like I am going to start collecting these myself, as little momentos of the nice people I meet on ebay!
I painted these 6 in the past few weeks. Three have sold already, and I suspect the other 2 dogs will sell soon also. I plan to paint one almost every day, as warm up to working on my bigger paintings. I don’t want to invest the time to rework if they aren’t quite right, so some will be pretty good and others, eh, not so good. It’s great freedom to not worry about that and just paint!

Update: All are SOLD.

Photo Mar 05, 11 12 23 AM

(Ref photos courtesy of Chris Brown upper left, Rob Goring upper right, Julio Greff middle left, Brad Greenlee middle right)

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One More Post about Copyright & Ebay, Info for Artists

I finally got resolution from ebay yesterday about the copies of my work on ebay. Yay! Now I can relax. And I can list my paintings on ebay without worrying that someone will copy them 2 days later, and list them right next to mine!

Ebay removed the auctions, and said they notified the seller, offered her online training on copyright laws, told her not to do it again, and the best part is, the participating bidders were notified also. Second offenses get more severe consequences. Also, once they have your signature on file, they allow you to sign up for their Vero program, meaning if you see copies of your work on there again, you can report it online and it will be removed very quickly.

If you see your copied work on ebay, go to this link, scroll down, and click on the NOCI form link. Fill it out and email it to They needed me to send a physical signature, so I printed the form, signed it, took a photo on the ipad, and emailed them the jpgs. That worked.

For artists reading this blog….learn copyright rules so you recognize when someone is illegally copying your work. I am still not 100% sure how much of another person’s work you can use without infringing on their copyright, but I think it’s not very much. This site says about 10% can be copied.

Most stuff I’ve read on the internet says the final decision would need to be made in court. They all pretty much recommend not using another person’s work at all without their permission, to avoid these issues. And here I want to say how much I appreciate the photographers that allow me to use their photos…what a blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you…….

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Bad thing turns into good thing

The woman copying my paintings was creating ACEOs, which are very small pieces of artwork, with oil paint. They are extremely popular on ebay. I had tried a few of these about a month ago in watercolor. Didn’t like it. So her badness triggered the good idea of me trying them in oil, which I didn’t think would work too well. Most of them on ebay aren’t very detailed and don’t sell for a lot, but more than you would think. So I tried a few, recreating a few of my previous paintings on 2.5″ by 3.5″ heavy art paper. I think they are pretty cute! And it was really fun to do! Loose, and not too much attention to the tiny details. My plan is to do my thumbnails on these small cards, as practice for doing my larger painting.
Photo Feb 24, 1 52 02 PM

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Someone is copying my paintings and selling them on ebay!

I used to get a little annoyed at an artist that plastered “copyright” all over their paintings, and warned people not to use their image. Now I understand. Two nights ago, I searched “original dog oil painting” on ebay to see how dog painting sales in general were doing, and to my surprise, I saw that someone was copying my paintings and selling them there. I was furious! How dare they steal my work! It is a very personal thing, like someone breaking into your house and stealing your jewelry. It doesn’t matter how little money they get for my stolen goods, I still feel violated.

She is creating work very similar to at least 5 other artists work from Dailypaintworks whose work I recognized. I suspect there are others. And she claims in her auctions she owns the copyright! The nerve! I have notified ebay and hopefully they will shut her down. If not and she continues, I will contact the other artists and ask them to file fraud reports with ebay also.

I consulted with 3 other experienced artists about this. They all said you have to just accept that this may happen and not get upset about it.

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Dog 95 and New panel holder

Love the panel holder I made. It is a simple Masonite board with a 1/4″ square dowel glued onto it. I scuffed the board with sandpaper a little so the tape would stick better. Then I use blue painters tape to hold the panel onto the board. Very cheap. Very easy. The painting doesn’t slide around. The blue tape comes off easily. The mounting putty did not stick very well to hold the painting onto the board, but the tape is great.
Dog 95, Rocky the pitbull, is finished, for sale on Dailypaintworks. Reference photo by Tony Alter.
Photo Feb 21, 5 02 07 PM

Photo Feb 21, 5 02 17 PM

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Panel Holders for Small Paintings

I purchased online a panel holder in the style that Carol Marine uses for creating small paintings. It doesn’t work that well for me, as the slider doesn’t stay in place for me, but it is useful. I accidentally broke off the tip of the chipboard slider, and now it works a little better, because I can use mounting putty to help it stay in place. I am making a very cheap version out of a piece of Masonite that I will show you later if it works well.
Here is my latest dog in work, and my puttied panel holder.
Photo Feb 20, 7 51 33 AM

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Dog 94 – Dargo in the Snow

Dargo is Riko and Moija’s playmate, so since my friend allowed me to use her photos, I thought I would try this one with the doggie in the snow. Not sure it looks like snow, but the dog sure stands out with that light background.
dargoin snow

”dog painting shepherd

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Dog 93 – Taco the Chihuahua

I wonder how many Chihuahuas are named Taco. This guy is such a cutie as he sleeps on his dad’s leg.



Reference photo by Julio Greff.

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Dog 86 complete – Moija

I finished Moija a few days ago. If you read my previous posts, you know that this was difficult for me because the photo was not very clear. But I believe it turned out just fine.



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Dog 92 – Riko complete

Riko is finished. I like him a lot.



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Dogs 86 and 92 – Moija and Riko

A painting sold a few days ago on ebay to J. Thank you so much J. And I thank J. also for being so kind and patient and allowing me to delay shipping until the painting dries. Whoops! I discovered it is not a good idea to offer paintings until they are dry enough to ship!
I want to post most paintings only when they are ready to go, so even though I have a few new finished paintings, I will wait until they dry to post them here, on ebay, and on DailyPaintworks, all at the same time. I may not have much to post for a few weeks, even though I plan to be painting every day.

Today, I thought I would share the commissions I am working on for K. As you can see, Moija needs some more detail, which I will have to make up, but I think I can do it, just make it similar to Riko. Then they will look nice hung together. I will post Moija and Riko one more time when they are finished, hopefully within the next few days.
Photo Feb 01, 8 52 05 PM

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Ups and downs of Dog 91

Yesterday I attempted a quick painting of a yorkie. It did not go well. I am trying to do quick yet adorable paintings in one session on a less expensive support in order to keep my prices down and make art more affordable. I achieved a few such paintings that I liked. But they were smooth coated dogs, not requiring the curly fluffy long hair. You can see what happens when I try to do a long curly haired dog in one session. Not good. In frustration, I smeared my brush all over it and threw it in the trash. Before I went to bed I took it out, because I liked the background colors and wanted to remember them. This morning, I decided to try to fix it. I took out the smears and redid the background. Now I will let it dry, and try the dog again. I am not simplifying that fur enough. I will keep trying. Back to my very time consuming style of working in layers, drying in between.
This is reminiscent of Bella, a shih Tzu I painted over a year ago. I reworked it many times and never did get a painting that I liked. I WILL eventually figure out how to do this! I know I can do a good job with numerous layers, but I really need to be faster.
Photo Feb 08, 6 35 02 PM

Photo Feb 09, 7 17 25 AM

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Dog 90 – Moija and Mom

Tried something more complex today. I have wondered how some of those daily painters can create scenes with lots in them on a small 5×7 canvas. It’s not easy. Didn’t worry about color, just trying to get the dog values right. This is Moija and her momma, uhh, master, or maybe slave. She looks like a handful to me!
It is for sale on my dailypaintworks site.

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Dog 89 – Moses

This is chocolate lab Moses, dog 89, painted in oil on 5″ by 7″ gessoboard. Reference photo by Brad Greenlee.



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Dog 88 – Baby Moija

My friend K. is letting me use her photos for some of my quick study paintings. This is baby Moija (pronounced Moya), a purebred Ovcharka, also called a Central Asian Shepherd or Caucasian Shepherd. This one was fun! Mostly concerned about getting the drawing accurate, not too concerned about color. I’ve always loved what I call “black line” art, kind of Van Goghish. But it is, in some circles, considered amateur, so I have stayed away from it. I did the dark lines here, and think it is very cute. It was a challenge to get the tail and the back foot NOT to look like our favorite male appendage, but I think I did it.


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